New Classic villa with wellness

This newly built “New Classic” country house lies along a charming avenue in Wassenaar, a town in South Holland. The biggest advantage of an interior design project involving a completely new building rather than one involving an existing structure is that it allows the designer more creative freedom in making whatever architectural adjustments are necessary to accommodate all of the client’s needs. The architectural design of this detached country house is contemporary New Classic. Eric Kant was commissioned for its interior, but also played an important role in the architectural development of the building’s external structure via his collaboration with the Noordwijk-based architectural firm Van Manen. The result is a modern home with the ambience of an authentic country house. The sense of calm, the spaciousness, and the powerful linear forms lend the home its seductive allure.

The spaces have been designed to allow activities to overlap, from working to cooking, reading and TV viewing to relaxing in the wellness area. The clients were a middle-aged couple with two grown-up children who live elsewhere, and they wanted a comfortable home finished with warm and durable materials.

The decision to open up the master bedroom with a double-height ceiling proved an inspired idea. The original architectural plan envisaged a ceiling at regular height, but further enquiry revealed the couple had no need for the second-floor space above their bedroom as they already had enough guest rooms. Eric designed a beautiful oak frame for the new vaulted ceiling, so the couple now enjoy an optimal amount of headroom. Opening up the space in this manner also gives the room an extra dash of distinction: the master bedroom now has the luxurious ambience of a plush hotel suite. A lift from the master bedroom provides direct access to the wellness area in the basement. The couple have been resident in their new home for quite a while now, and appear to be very content with its form, function and ambience.