Important factor in any successful project is the person introduction to the client. This goes further at Eric Kant then a superficial handshake and a short conversation .

How do you live , what are your dreams , what are your habits ? In short ; Eric Kant wants to know who you are .

Based on your answers Eric Kant basis his personal design for you. Obviously this will feature his clear and visible signature , the hand of the master : strong lines , symmetry and the use of warm, natural materials .

A good and logical routing in your home is a distinct characteristic of the work of top designer Eric Kant . A private entrance for your children , an additional stage  to your wellness paradise in the garden or a logical gateway form the kitchen to the living ; Eric Kant thinks with you and makes your life easier in your dream house .

Top designer Eric Kant is a man of the world . His travels and visits to international fairs serve as sources of inspiration . He notices the latest trends and the smallest details. He refers to it and only adjust things if they really  fit you . In the twenty years that Eric Kant let his characteristic living dreams come true, the top designer  specializes in wellness architecture . Both in your home and in the garden . Relaxing has never been so good.

Together with his international team of specialists Eric Kant works in several stages from coarse to fine ,  always informing  the client well about the best possibilities, , technical details, planning and pricing .

All required items are clearly discussed and incorporated into a good package of technical drawings and specifications . 3D visuals are supplemented with any models or prototypes if desirable . This helps to get a realistic view of the end result . The house is almost yours .

During the realization Eric Kant accompanies the team and the project in detail so that the work is carried out as agreed with the client . So Saving time , preventing errors , more rest for the client and ultimately a brilliant result are therefore achieved . A result that makes you speechless and happy . A home that lets you shine, a place you will love.

Your home , your dream , written by Eric Kant .