This beautiful country house nestles in a parkland in Brabant. Its owners had lived here for years prior to the renovation, and were very attached to their home. However, it no longer served all their needs, among which was sufficient space for five children. ERIC KANT contentemporary design  was commissioned to redesign the interior and layout, and to oversee the entire renovation. The client requested a liveable home with clean lines and warm materials. Hence the use of natural stone in beautiful shades of taupe, along with olivewood and patinated bronze details.


The result is home characterised by harmony, with the different functional spaces blending almost imperceptibly from one into the next. The first thing Eric Kant considers on a renovation such as this is people flow: the way people actually move through their home; there’s often much to be gained from designing the layout with this in mind. In this instance, the extra set of stairs is a fine example. Its addition means the children and their friends no longer need to tramp through the kitchen and living room to get upstairs, but can do so directly via the back door. For Eric, such logical and yet not immediately obvious solutions are a satisfying way to enhance the ease with which a client uses their home and improve the comfort it provides. 


The spacious master bedroom with walk-in closet and adjoining master bathroom ooze luxury and tranquility, aided by the use of soothing materials. The house is equipped with a home automation system that allows its residents to monitor and adjust conditions in any room in the house from anywhere in the house. The children’s rooms are all custom-designed and fitted with generously proportioned built-in wardrobes, dressers and desks. The girls’ rooms include an additional stylish detail: a dressing table with a lid that becomes a make-up mirror with lights in the upright position, and hides away the jewelry and make-up when shut. 


“It’s quite simply beautiful. We couldn’t be happier with the practical new layout and we’re absolutely delighted with Eric’s choice of materials,” said one of the residents.