We get to know you
How do you design a home that will fit you like a glove? First by getting to know you as a human being and establishing a relationship based on openness, honesty and mutual respect. This is why we begin by asking the right questions, such as: how do you use your current space? what do you like about it, what don’t you like, and why? what are your habits? how would you like to live?

We personalise your design
No two human beings are exactly alike, therefore our next challenge is to interpret your answers in design form in a way that reflects you and you alone. Our design language is distinct, and characterised by symmetry, clean lines, warmth, and natural materials, colours and tones, yet flexible enough to accommodate your particular desires.

Would you, for instance, like direct access to your wellness garden from your master bedroom? Or are family mealtimes of utmost importance, such that you’d like the kitchen to be of substantial size and to lie at the heart of your home? Or perhaps you’d like like your children to have a private entrance. We personalise every aspect of the layout according to your habits and needs, and use our experience to ensure spatial and aesthetic coherence.

We keep you informed
We keep you in the picture at every step of the way, and invite your feedback. We explain our ideas and decisions, talk to you about materials and the reason for our preferences, and about the various technical details, planning and pricing, keeping everything transparent and comprehensible.

We also help you to visualise your home with the aid of technical drawings, 3D computer models and physical scale models.

We monitor and deliver
Eric Kant accompanies the construction team every day, monitoring every detail of the process to ensure complete fidelity to what we have agreed with you and keep everything on schedule. We keep your mind at ease, right up to and beyond the moment we accompany you to your completed dream home.