This modern villa is set among the dunes along the South Holland coast. Eric Kant was its sole architect and interior designer. The client wanted a newly-built home with a modern design featuring clean lines, and commissioned Eric for its entirety. He conceived a home built with sustainable, environmentally friendly materials.

With floor-to-ceiling windows, the home is awash in natural light. Exterior and interior are characterised by clean lines, which also work to great effect in the predominantly white, fully equipped kitchen. The living space is further distinguished by a ceiling-high, glass-walled fireplace by Boley, with a stark-white base of rectilinear design.


Lighting plays an important role in creating the right ambience. Here, much of the lighting is recessed, and all are connected to a state-of-the-art home automation system. The house is bordered by a generous apron of terrace from which to take in the natural beauty of the surroundings.