Rologic Logistics Office

The logistics company behind this commission wanted a modern interior design realized in robust yet warm materials for their new business premises. The resulting design combines sturdy elements with elegant forms and colours. An eye-catching novelty is the specially designed reception desk, whose reference to automotive design is hard to miss; it takes its inspiration from Spyker Cars design aesthetic.

The executive office comprises a variety of spaces, including a working area for senior management, a meeting room, and one of the most luxurious and fully equipped kitchens to ever grace an office. The kitchen was designed to the standards of professional chefs, whom Rologic planned to hire for lunch or dinner occasions with their clients. The furniture is custom-built of dark-brown stained walnut, which infuses the office with the appropriate degree of warmth. The staff cafetaria features a specially designed cigarette smoke extractor with a hood reminiscent of a large lamp.

Lighting is an important element in office design. It must facilitate ideal working conditions; however, an office lit up with nothing but flourescent tubes creates a cold, flat ambience. Which is why Eric Kant’s lighting plans always feature a mix of task and ambient lighting. The light fittings chosen for this project were by Delta Light.