About us

Our understanding of the word “home”
Balance and serenity. Spatial coherence. A home that fits like a glove. In the two decades that we’ve been asking clients to describe their dream home, these are the themes that arise again and again. In these conversations is the mutual understanding that home means so much more than a place to eat, watch TV and sleep. Home is where we are most ourselves, where the soul can relax, and where we find that essential balance between who we are and our physical surroundings. It is clear, too, that each of us dreams of a home as distinctive as we are. For us, it remains a privilege to have the trust of an ever-growing list of clients to realize these dreams.

Our role as your partner
Our approach is based on the understanding that your dreams are precious, and that realizing them in physical form requires genuine interest and open communication. This is why we view each commission as a collaborative journey from the moment we meet to the moment we accompany you through the door to your new home. We work with a team of highly skilled specialists who are as dedicated to protecting the sanctity of your dreams as we are.

Our goal
Our dedication to realizing your dreams remains as strong today as it was twenty years ago when Eric Kant founded the company. Surpassing your expectations remains our goal. This ambition is evident in everything we do, from our attention to every detail and careful selection of materials to our design aesthetic. The quest for perfection means no aspect of a commission is subject to compromise, and we invite you to peruse our portfolio at your leisure for the evidence of this ambition.