About us

Balance and serenity. The creation of unity. A home made specially for you . The highly experienced Eric Kant knows how to realize the living dreams of his clients and bring things in perfect balance .

Eric Kant makes a home so much more than a place where you eat , watch TV and sleep . The top designer achieves ultimate enjoyment with his creations. A place where you love and live with love and enjoy the your life every day . A reflection of your soul and dreams . A place where the impossible turns to be an illusion .

Together with a team of international professionals the inspired Eric Kant works targeted to appropriate high-end interiors and wellness projects in the luxury residential and commercial market . And this for twenty years . Born out of love , driven by passion . Every day . With his eye for detail and ensured that perfection is not good enough , the multinational topdesigner creates total experiences. Quirky. Surprising. Practical. Equipped with durable , robust and timeless materials .

By genuine interest and open communication both clients and Eric Kant are rarely surprised in the exciting cooperation and design process. A process where the client is the centrepoint. From the first meeting to the first drawing , to the technical constraints and pricing . All with the same goal : the impossible comes true. A place where you feel every time again : This is my home, here I’m happy.